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          本公司擁有完善的管理體制,通過1S09001: 2015 IATF:16949-2016 體質認證,采用模具行業ERP管理軟件,使我們能更及時、更準確地進行物料及產量規劃。在系統的協助下,本公司有效地進行生產計劃管理,以求縮短從訂單到交貨所需的時間我們能利用穩健的局域網和互聯網,對瞬息萬變的市場所作出及時的反映。本公司的管理階層,能在決策上靈活變通。

          A strong marketing plan is the key to oursuccess. Enhance the direct technicalcommunication between project engineerand customer, monitor the mold design,manufacture, test fiIm, adjust and massproduction process; Responsible formold quality, cost and delivery time.

          The management of our companydepends on the foresight and correctguidance of management. They haverich experience in mould making andinjection molding. and can be wide Iyused in production and management.

          The company's management throug hwork closely with engineering department,Marketing Department and projectteam, close to the development ofthe enterprise technology and markettrends, is committed to improving design Iconcepts and production technology.to improve the quality of the product.

          The company has a sound managementsystem, which is certified by iso9001:201 5IáTF:169492016, and adopts the ERPmanagement software of the mold industry.so that we can carry out the materia Iand I production planning more timely andaccurately. With the help of the system,the company effectively carries out theproduction plan management, in order toshorten the time from order to delivery.We can take advantage of the robust local Iarea network and the Internet to respondtimely to the rapidly changing market.The management of our company can beflexible in decision making.